Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking At The Preparations For Your ATV Mud Bogging

If you love four wheelers and have a great time riding them on wooded trails or in the snow, you should know that riding muddy trails can be an even more exciting experience. SpinnLinking out a rooster tail and getting into the muck is great fun. ATV mud bogging is becoming popular for all ages of riders everywhere.

Making sure your all terrain vehicle is equipped to ride in muddy conditions is important to prevent serious and expensive engine damage. One important part to think about is the airbox. Making certain it is sealed tight will prevent water from getting into it. Choose air filters designed for muddy, watery terrain.

Adding specially designed intake and exhaust snorkel pipes is a must. Some vehicles come with snorkels, but you will want to make sure the ones you have are made for deep watery conditions. These snorkels are an example of the kinds of after market parts you should consider for this kind of riding.

Choose O-ring chains instead of factory versions for longer lasting durability. While factory chains are great for easy riding, they are not the best choice for muddy terrain. You might also consider using waterproof grease as well. Use this grease on pivot points and bearings.

Once you have your vehicle set to ride, making sure you have other riders to go with you is important for safety reasons. You never know when you may get stuck and your vehicle cut off. Being stuck alone in an area far out is never any fun. You can also learn a lot from other, more experienced riders as well.

By taking the time to learn about the preparation of your vehicle, you can enhance the ATV mud bogging rides you go on. Learning from other riders is another way you can become adept at this kind of riding. Having fun is what it is all about.

ATV mud bogging proves that you don't have to have a big mudding truck to have a fun time. Mud bogging is a great way to kill time with friends and if your ride can go the distance you will get bragging rights, until the next time anyway.